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The American Real Estate Evolution: Georgia Ribeiro’s Blueprint for the New Wave of Entrepreneurs

Georgia Ribeiro (born August 29, 1978) is a Brazilian-American real estate professional, business coach, and social worker renowned for her expertise, commitment to client satisfaction, and dedication to social causes. She is associated with EXP Realty, a global real estate company. She is the founder of the Icon Real Estate Academy, an online platform aimed at helping Brazilian immigrants in the United States achieve financial success through real estate. With nearly two decades of experience, Ribeiro excels at offering personalized real estate advisory services while advocating for the rights of women and children.[1]

Ribeiro is an experienced business coach known for her dedication to assisting entrepreneurs in achieving higher levels of professional achievement. Throughout her extensive career advising business leaders, executives, and founders across various industries, Ribeiro has formulated an effective coaching methodology focused on fostering sustainable growth.

Early life and education

Ribeiro was born and raised in Brazil and later immigrated to the United States. Her educational background includes a degree in psychology, endowing her with a deep comprehension of human behavior and emotions. This foundation enriches her ability to connect with clients on a profound level and tailor her real estate services to their individual needs.


With a distinguished 18-year career in real estate, Ribeiro has established an impressive record of multi-million-dollar sales, cementing her position as a notable presence in the industry. Throughout her journey, Ribeiro has undertaken diverse roles, serving as a real estate consultant, skilled negotiator, and project manager for a range of commercial and residential real estate ventures.[3]

Her expertise extends to an array of activities, including home renovations, development projects, and the strategic staging, marketing, and successful sale of numerous properties on behalf of her clients. Ribeiro possesses a visionary outlook and a remarkable aptitude for identifying latent market opportunities that often go unnoticed. Her adept execution of strategic decisions underscores her seasoned professionalism. Recently, she joined EXP Realty to further her business endeavors and enhance client service.[4]

Notably, Ribeiro has established the Icon Real Estate Academy, an online platform that offers a comprehensive training program that empowers aspiring real estate professionals. Drawing on her 17 years of market expertise, she equips individuals, particularly Brazilian immigrants, for success in the industry. Through her Instagram presence, she offers guidance to Portuguese-speaking immigrants seeking to materialize the American dream through astute real estate investments.[5]

Ribeiro’s business coaching approach integrates data-driven strategic planning with personalized mentorship to empower clients, enabling them to enhance productivity, drive profit growth, and facilitate the expansion of their endeavors. Through the utilization of tailored session plans, constructive feedback methodologies, and adept employment of probing inquiries, she aids business proprietors in unlocking their untapped potential.

Ribeiro incorporates proprietary assessments and diagnostics to furnish clients with actionable suggestions that align with their distinct objectives and requirements. Armed with a perceptive comprehension of the entrepreneurial journey, Ribeiro functions as a valuable collaborator in propelling businesses to the next stage. Her business coaching services facilitate enhanced efficiency, refined leadership skills, and tangible outcomes for professionals seeking to advance their enterprises.


Ribeiro is an ardent advocate for social causes, particularly those concerning the rights of women and children. She actively lends her support and engagement to various organizations and initiatives that are dedicated to empowering and safeguarding vulnerable members of society.

Personal life

Ribeiro resides in Charleston, South Carolina, alongside her husband, Jeff Ribeiro and five children: Nick, Noah, Natalya, Ben, and Gianna. During her free time, she enjoys watching sunsets and walking along the beach. Furthermore, her interests encompass engaging discussions about gastronomy, wine, shopping, and travel tips.

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