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My Secret to Growth as a Realtor Goes Against Common Sense. But This Is Only Possible for Those Who Leave the Average

For anyone who is interested in achieving success in entrepreneurship, particularly in the real estate market.

Focusing on developing some assumptions that, in the day-to-day competition, are not so obvious, but can make all the difference, as it has already done in Georgia Ribeiro’s career, can be decisive for continuous and long-lasting success.

In this article, you will get to know a little about the realtor that is taking the profession to higher levels, breaking boundaries, and going far beyond home sales negotiations in the United States and the world.

For her, success has much more to do with how you generate value for other people and how you create authentic and solid relationships than just thinking about yourself all the time.

This is a teaching that Georgia Ribeiro carries as one of the foundations that support her name, being one of the market references for decades in South Carolina, and that is now advancing inside and outside the United States.

Impacting lives with your work, especially when it comes to sales, where you traditionally learn and encourage only the exchange of some services, goods or products for money, for many is a challenge and goes beyond common sense.

We know that it is natural for human beings to want to earn more while earning, and there is nothing wrong with that.

But in this flow, delivering first to receive is almost never the first option.

And in this search, often automatic without realizing it, intelligent relationships are left behind, where a connection can make you close not only a good deal but create in the minds of those we serve the idea that we are always the best option and more reliable.

That’s branding; that’s what’s on your current or future client’s mind when you’re not around.

Therefore, generating value will always be more effective than any price negotiation. That’s called smart work.

For the realtor profession, building this relationship requires much more than just having a list of contacts, but involves building a relationship with people and really caring about them.

For realtors, this includes being transparent, authentic, altruistic, understanding, and meeting needs that, in many cases, are not their obligation, but do not mean that they cannot be fulfilled of their own free will.

This is one of the processes for building trusting relationships, including with your work partners.

Georgia Ribeiro made a point of opening up to us one of her stories in these last 17 years in the profession and giving us a lesson that if you really want to grow consistently…

Often, knowing that we inevitably reap the good we do, it will be much better to give than to receive.

The story recounts an episode when he was working in a waterfront community, where four builders managed the sales of the real estate in that development, and his attitude came to astonishment in one of the competitors.

The initiative to always serve the customer in the best way possible made it practically hand over customers to one of its competitors whenever there was no way to serve with what that customer and his family were looking for.

Under the principle “The Go-Giver,” (Book by Bob Burg and John David Mann), in the middle of the world crisis, its planting made it sell 47 houses in this same condominium in the same year, and it is certain that this result was also achieved by many of the indications from the until then, competitor. Which now, in an unusual way, became a working partnership.

This is a very profound lesson and only those who have a teachable heart, humility to submit to the method, and willingness to endure the process break the line of mediocrity, which means…

Stop being an average person to become an icon.

That’s what she calls herself, and she has called everyone who arouses interest in her profession when they arrive at her newest channel on Instagram – @georgiatheagente

On this channel, she has been dedicated to sharing the bases so that, mainly, Brazilians can learn more about the real estate market and the realtor profession until they become licensed.

Because for her, this is one of the safest paths for all those who came in search of a new beginning, in search of their American Dream.

All of her experience and strategic vision of the market are being shared there to help thousands of families who could have already completely changed their lives through the real estate market that only grows in the United States and in the world.

One of the pieces of evidence of how real estate growth is worldwide evidence is that today, EXP Realty is present all over the globe, and Georgia decided to strategically join this visionary company. 

Her authority and positioning become key pieces for major negotiations not only here but anywhere in the world where she can recruit, train, build teams and do business.

Georgia Riberio and her teachings are at the forefront as an entrepreneur in the market of real estate and always having tools to offer the best to its customers.

The core of his message in this article focuses on creating value for others, building authentic relationships, and being a positive influencer and a constant learner.

If we could give one piece of advice that goes against the statistics for those who are still average, that advice today would be – Give without measure what you can give the best, even to your “competitor.”

“A good seed well planted, in the right time will bring you good fruit.”

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